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Research The Market

Before purchasing any property, make sure you do plenty of research. Look at market parameters such as your competitors, long-term potential growth and the amount of investment in that market.

What type of Property

There is no single answer every sector has its pros and cons. The property should suit the industry you would ideally like to lease to. 

A new commercial property can be a joy at tax time with commercial property depreciation. An older property can allow you to build value and may have a better location.

Look at the Floorplan

Make a sound investment decision by checking the entire layout plan of the space you intend to purchase.


Does it suit your needs as an investor looking for growth? 

Will the property suit the needs of the occupier? 

Look at things like:

Proximity to public transport.

Proximity to essential services

Population size and projected growth

Is it a holiday destination?

Access to major transport routes

Access to public transport

Proximity to competitors

At the end of the day, applying key property fundamentals is crucial to commercial property investment success: Relevant location, a high-quality tenant, and the ability to see capital growth. These factors are far more important than the birth date of your commercial asset.