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Heck yes! As we approach the end of the financial year here are 3 really important deductions every property owner should know about. 

Are Property management fees tax deductible?

You can claim our property management fees. 

Curo Property is here to help you achieve the best results for your investment property and the fees we charge are also tax-deductible. 

You can claim depreciation.

Most people are familiar with depreciation as it can apply to business assets and your car. There are some assets within your investment property than can depreciate over time also.  

These can consist of floor coverings, window coverings and any building technology such as video security systems.  

 You can Claim for maintenance and repairs

Any work you get done on your investment property is a legitimate business expense. So whether it’s a pest controller, a window cleaner, a tiler, a painter, a plumber or an electrician – all of these expenses contribute to your deductibles. 

For more advice on how to gain the maximum tax benefits from your investment property, consult with an accountant that specialises in investment property matters. After all, they are also tax-deductible.